CRM solutions provider Salesforce announced today the launch of Automate ESG Reporting, a new ESG data management and reporting solution aimed at meeting growing demand for ESG transparency, and expanding Salesforce’s climate-focused solution to include social and governance data capabilities.

According to Salesforce, the new solution enables users to integrate ESG data from disparate systems, allowing them to see environmental, social, and governance data in one place, and streamlines and automates the reporting process to easily generate framework-specific reports.

The solution is centered around Salesforce’s greenhouse gas emissions data tracking, analysis and reporting solution, Net Zero Cloud, initially launched in 2019 (as “Sustainability Cloud”) to provide users with a 360-degree view of their environmental impact with the ability to track, analyze and report reliable environmental data. Earlier this year, the company released Net Zero Cloud 2.0, which integrated solutions from across Salesforce’s portfolio to add supplier collaboration technology from Slack, and the use of CRM dashboards from Salesforce company Tableau to provide sustainability insights.

With the launch of Automate ESG Reporting, Salesforce is adding social and governance data management capabilities to Net Zero Cloud, with new features including a new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) dashboard capable of showing employee demographics from a company HR system, as well as a new multi-org carbon accounting capability which pulls carbon emissions data from an organization’s subsidiaries into a single instance of the platform, and a new Compliance & Disclosure Hub, offering a streamlined, automated process for creating reports aligned to framework-specific ESG standards.

The new solution utilizes capabilities from across Salesforce’s suite of offerings, including data visualization capabilities from Tableau, data integration from MuleSoft, multi-org data sharing from Experience Cloud, and talent engagement from Trailhead.

Ari Alexander, GM of Net Zero Cloud at Salesforce, said:

“As investors and key stakeholders demand more ESG accountability, organizations need solutions to track progress on goals and report out their impact in a timely manner. Automate ESG Reporting combines the power of Salesforce’s products with our thriving ecosystem of partners to make ESG reporting easier, faster and more reliable.”

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