Computer software company MathWorks announced today that it will be able to address 100% of its Scope 2 emissions – those resulting from purchased electricity, heat and cooling – with wind power, from a newly signed 12-year agreement with Enel North America.

Under the new virtual purchase power agreement (VPPA), MathWorks will purchase approximately 50,000 megawatt-hours (MWh) of wind electricity and associated renewable energy certificates (RECs) annually, generated from Enel’s 25 Mile Creek wind project in Ellis County, Oklahoma.

Jack Little, co-founder and CEO of MathWorks, said:

“Our mission has always included a focus on environmental sustainability, so we’re proud to announce our partnership with Enel to address all of our Scope 2 emissions. As we accelerate the pace of engineering and science, we hope this power purchase agreement serves as a model for other companies looking for ways to make their operations more sustainable and affordable, while also increasing overall demand for renewable electricity and speeding the deployment of renewable energy projects.”

MathWorks said that the deal will help the company become carbon neutral this year. The company highlighted a series of other initiatives it has pursued to reduce its carbon footprint, including adopting renewable energy, improving building efficiency, supporting carbon removal projects, implementing EV chargers on-site, funding complimentary bike share programs for staff members, and participating in recycling and reforestation programs.

Enel’s 25 Mile Creek wind project is Enel’s 12th wind farm in Oklahoma, and is expected to generate more than 1,100 GWh of electricity annually. The company said that the project will contribute to its strategy to add 5 GW of new utility-scale renewable generation and storage capacity in the US and Canada by the end of 2025.

Paolo Romanacci, head of Enel North America’s renewable energy business, Enel Green Power, said:

“The renewables market is ripe for growth and we’re continuing to see increasing interest from companies to support new renewable energy projects. We’re proud to support forward-thinking companies, like MathWorks, that are leveraging PPAs to meet their emission reduction goals and benefit from stable energy prices.” 

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