Insurance group AXA’s sustainable transition-focused unit AXA Climate announced today the launch of Net Zero School, a new decarbonization-focused training course targeting professional service companies working with companies in emissions-intensive sectors.

Launched as part of AXA’s Climate School, and in partnership with sustainability advisory Blunomy, the new digital training course is aimed at knowledge-based workers serving sectors including oil & gas, power, agri-food, road transportation, and cement. The course will help the professionals understand the carbon footprint of the industries they work with, and provide actionable decarbonization levers.

The launch of AXA’s Net Zero School comes as professional services firms globally ramp efforts to upskill their employees on ESG and climate issues, as client demand for sustainability-focused services grows. Deloitte recently launched a new learning program aimed at enhancing its employees’ skills and capabilities on climate and sustainability issues, PwC revealed that it has provided ESG training to 100,000 employees over the past year as part of its New Equation strategy, and Bain launched a major upskilling initiative to provide post graduate-level ESG training to all of its global consultants. In November, HCLTech launched a sustainability learning series designed by AXA Climate with a goal to upskill every employee on ESG.

AXA Climate School President, Antoine Poincaré said:

“The demand first came from our clients. With our first training offer, The Climate School, we were talking about sustainable transformation internally, but many organizations, especially financial services companies, needed to understand the trends of sustainable transformation for their clients, and for the whole economy.”

Candidates for the training include management consultancies, regulators, financial institutions, insurance companies and other service providers. The training aims to help the professionals understand climate risk and why clients need to decarbonize, appreciate how different sectors can transition, including technology and business models, and will provide examples on transition strategies for companies to build sustainable and resilient business models.

Ines Galichon, Partner at Blunomy, said:

“This product is the first result of ongoing and deep collaboration between two companies that share the same goal: we hope it will be useful to professionals in multiple sectors, and we look forward to continuously developing and extending it together.”

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