Global professional services firm Deloitte announced today the launch of GreenLight Solution, a new decarbonization software tool aimed at helping organizations build emissions reduction strategies and a pathway to net zero emissions.

According to Deloitte Global Consulting Sustainability Strategy Leader John Mennel, the new software as a service (Saas) enterprise decarbonization tool will enable businesses “to build a complete picture of their roadmap, understand how to prioritize projects based on economics and time horizons, and update that view continuously as real-world conditions change.” 

Mennel added:

“Many business leaders around the world are feeling the impacts of climate change on their organizations and are working to set ambitious sustainability targets, but they need comprehensive, validated data and insights to take concrete steps toward decarbonization.”

Built on artificial intelligence platform CortexAI, GreenLight Solution launches with seven software assets, incorporating 150,000 emissions factors and 200 emissions abatement projects – including projects for hard-to-abate activities – and also includes advanced data automation and transformation capabilities, and can integrate with an organization’s preferred enterprise system.

One of the key features highlighted by Deloitte is the tool’s ability to provide insight into the potential financial impacts of different climate initiatives, along with algorithms to establish a portfolio of opportunities, to help determine the right sequencing of projects to achieve decarbonization targets balanced against business goals.

Jennifer Steinmann, Deloitte Global Sustainability & Climate Practice Leader, said:

“Organizations are grappling with an overwhelming amount of data as they develop their decarbonization strategies. By leveraging cutting-edge climate technology, leaders are able to view a clear picture of their roadmap to achieving their net-zero targets, gain previously untapped insights required to make informed investment decisions, and ultimately make tangible progress to accelerate their sustainability journeys.”

The new software tool follows the launch earlier this year by Deloitte of GreenSpace Tech, a new offering aimed at helping clients to identify, advance and deploy climate tech solutions to pursue their sustainability and decarbonization goals, by connecting businesses with an ecosystem of climate technologies and innovators. The initiatives follow the launch last year by the company of its Global Sustainability & Climate practice, with plans to invest $1 billion to enhance the firm’s capabilities, assets and services to support clients and address sustainability-related needs. 

Dilip Krishna, Deloitte Global Sustainability & Climate Chief Technology Officer, said:

“One of the biggest issues business leaders face is sourcing and finding the fit-for-purpose technologies that can support their specific decarbonization needs. As a true enterprise solution for decarbonization, GreenLight Solution is grounded in real world project experience and built on a vision to combine technology, Deloitte services, and an ecosystem of alliances.”

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