Chipotle Mexican Grill announced today the launch of a new all-electric restaurant design, utilizing 100% renewable energy to reduce emissions from energy use, and designed to maximize energy efficiency in its equipment and systems.

The company said that the design pilot will help it achieve its climate goal to cut absolute emissions in half across its entire value chain by 2030. Initially set in 2021, the SBTi-approved goal was announced alongside initiatives by the company targeting emissions from its restaurants, as well as sources of carbon intensity in its value chain, including transportation and warehousing, the food supply chain and packaging & waste.

Key features of Chipotle’s responsible restaurant design concept include rooftop solar panels where feasible, all-electric equipment and systems to replace gas power, heat pump water heaters, smaller electric cookline and improved exhaust hoods, and energy management systems, as well as biodegradable serviceware, cactus leather chairs, artwork made from recycled rice husks and electric vehicle charging stations at some locations. The restaurants utilize 100% renewable energy from wind and solar power purchased through certified renewable energy credits.

Chipotle revealed that it has already opened restaurants in Virginia and Florida with the new features, with a third planned in Colorado. The company added that more than 100 new locations in 2024 are expected to utilize all-electric equipment and some additional elements from the new design. Chipotle aims to grow to 7,000 locations in North America, up from its current restaurant footprint, as of December 2022, of 3,187 restaurants.

Laurie Schalow, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at Chipotle, said:

“With our aggressive development goal in North America, we hold ourselves accountable to reduce the environmental impact of our restaurants. We are aiming to incorporate some elements of our responsible restaurant design into many of our new restaurant openings going forward.”

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