Real estate and investment management-focused professional services provider JLL announced today the launch of Decarbonization Strategy, a new consulting services and technology-based offering aimed at helping commercial real estate owners and investors understand and address their carbon footprint.

Guy Grainger, Global Head of Sustainability Services & ESG at JLL, said:

“JLL has quickly grown our Sustainability Services business to over 1,000+ subject matter experts. Combining this local technical expertise with unique technology, we can effectively and quickly guide companies through their entire decarbonization pathway. This offering provides a quick, step-by-step process for organizations to manage risk and unlock value on real estate portfolios across asset classes and geographies.”

According to JLL, the solution is powered by the company’s new SaaS technology, Carbon Pathfinder. Developed in-house by the company’s technology division, JLL Technologies, Carbon Pathfinder provides investment planning insights to support carbon reduction goals, with technology to forecast transition risk for investors and occupiers, enabling capital project planning and return on investment evaluation. The technology provides both portfolio- and building-level insights, and allows the creation of decarbonization plans, performance assessment against science-based targets, and data use to inform capital allocation decisions.

Sharad Rastogi, CEO of JLLT’s Work Dynamics Technology group, said:

“Making investment decisions is a complex process and calculation. That’s exactly why we built this agile technology. Carbon Pathfinder allows decision makers to explore various decarbonization scenarios and determine which ones will maximize their sustainability investment—while minimizing their risk. When combined with our consulting, valuation and leasing advisory services, it’s a unique and powerful solution.”

The post JLL Launches Decarbonization Solution for Commercial Real Estate first appeared on ESG Today.

The post JLL Launches Decarbonization Solution for Commercial Real Estate appeared first on ESG Today.