The Bezos Earth Fund announced the launch of the Greening America’s Cities initiative, committing $400 million to support enhancing green spaces in underserved urban communities in the U.S.

The Bezos Earth Fund was founded in 2020, with a $10 billion philanthropic commitment from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, aimed at funding scientists, activists, NGOs and others driving solutions to fight climate change and protect nature.

Jeff Bezos, Executive Chair of the Bezos Earth Fund, said:

“We’re excited to help green underserved communities throughout the U.S. Working together, we can bring nature and its many benefits to every corner of our cities.”

The new initiative begins with $50 million allocated for urban greening efforts in Albuquerque, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Wilmington, and Delaware, with more cities to be added through 2030. The program aims to enhance urban areas with more parks, trees and community garden. According to the fund, “greening” cities can increase local resilience to climate impacts such as extreme heat, reduce energy consumption, and improve physical and mental health.

Lauren Sánchez, Vice Chair of the Bezos Earth Fund, said:

“Access to nature is deeply unequal, and the importance of green spaces to underserved communities is often overlooked and unaddressed. Green spaces make a city more beautiful, livable, healthy, and joyful, but studies show that they also lower extreme summer temperatures, reducing heat stress. They support the mental and physical health of communities and even improve students’ academic performance. This $400 million commitment will impact communities across the country, making a tangible difference people can see.”