Sustainability-focused data, analytics and investment solutions provider Impact Cubed announced that it has appointed former Morningstar Head of Sustainability Libby Bernick as its new CEO, and also hired Mikael Fast as Head of Sales. Additionally, the company announced that its parent asset management and fintech business Auriel Investors will be consolidated under the Impact Cubed brand, streamlining the team’s ability to help investors understand and manage their ESG impact.

Impact Cubed offers a suite of ESG impact-integrated investment solutions, as well as sustainability data and portfolio analytics, aiming to assist investors in measuring and managing the impact of their portfolios in terms of sustainable development and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

While at Morningstar, Bernick led the investment research firm’s global ESG integration, raising buy-in for material environmental and social issues. Prior to joining Morningstar, Bernick worked at S&P Global, as Managing Director and Global Head of Trucost Corporate ESG Business.

Before joining Impact Cubed, Fast worked for 16 years at Northern Europe-based financial services company Nordea, most recently as Head of Investment & Securities Advisory, Nordic.

Bernick said:

“I’ve seen ESG data and products evolve over the years, and I’m drawn to Impact Cubed because their technology-enhanced solutions help investors get past many of the barriers to investing with impact.”

The consolidated business will deliver ESG specialist overlays and bespoke separately managed accounts, with the process including stress testing, portfolio construction, as well as trading, monitoring and rebalancing. The investment offering will be enhanced by Impact Cubed’s technology enabled data and analytics built to seamlessly integrate ESG into portfolio construction. Impact Cubed will also continue to provide ESG impact metrics and reporting to investors globally.   

Larry Abele, founder of Auriel Investors, said:

“We are entering a new era where investors still care just as much about risk and return but have added a third dimension, impact, into the equation. They want reliable, objective data that provides visibility into their impacts both intended and unintended. Gordon’s Gekko’s credo “greed is good” has no place in 21st century capitalism.” 

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