Sustainability-focused energy and automation digital solutions provider Schneider Electric announced today the launch of an enhanced global supply chain decarbonization service aimed at helping organizations address the significant emissions volume contained in their value chains.

The new launch forms part of Schneider Electric’s recently formed Climate Change Advisory Service. Announced in January, the new consulting service is designed to help companies in their climate-related sustainability strategies and initiatives,and spans energy management, resource efficiency, renewable energy procurement, carbon offsetting, value chain decarbonization, and AI-driven data collection and disclosure.

While companies increasingly commit to reducing their environmental footprints, measuring, assessing and reducing supply chain emissions, where most impact actually occurs, is often the most challenging aspect of their decarbonization efforts. In order to address these challenges, Schneider Electric’s new service provides a combination of supplier engagement, measurement, strategy setting, and implementation via efficiency, renewable energy procurement, and carbon offsetting.

Steve Wilhite, SVP for Schneider Electric, said:

“The momentum on corporate climate action today is tremendous, driven in large part by increasing investor pressure for environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks transparency and disclosure. For a majority of companies, the next frontier beyond their own operations is the supply chain. The good news is that by engaging suppliers in decarbonization efforts, companies can not only respond to these pressures but also identify cost-savings, develop innovations, and increase the value of their supplier relationships.”

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