Professional services company Cognizant announced today a series of new corporate social responsibility initiatives, including a commitment of $250 million towards efforts to advance economic mobility, educational opportunity, diversity and inclusion, and health and well-being in communities around the world.

According to Cognizant, the company will provide philanthropic funding, volunteer programs, in-kind contributions and business expertise focused on several key goals. These include providing equitable educational opportunities to equip students, learners, and workers with 21st-century skills needed to succeed in the digital economy; advancing economic mobility, working toward a future where all communities have the resources, opportunities, and infrastructure needed to thrive; ensuring the health and well-being of individuals and families to ensure communities are healthy and can achieve their fullest potential, and; championing initiatives that advance diversity, equity, and inclusion, particularly for underrepresented and underserved populations around the world.

Cognizant stated that the company and its foundations will expand their grantmaking in the U.S. and India to new global markets where the company is expanding operations, including Australia, Canada, Germany, and the UK, and the company will also introduce new philanthropic programs to advance diversity and inclusion efforts in partnership with Cognizant’s Affinity Groups, supporting African American, Latinx, LGBTQ, Pan-Asian, women, and veteran communities. Additionally, new programs will expand opportunities for employees to contribute their time and skills, and deploy additional COVID-19 relief funds, building on commitments made last year.

Brian Humphries, CEO, Cognizant, said:

“As a global company, we care deeply about unlocking human potential. We are determined to live our purpose of improving everyday life and apply our technology and business expertise to help tackle global problems. This $250 million initiative aims to create conditions for people to thrive by expanding access to education, healthcare, and technology, and by advancing diversity and inclusion in communities around the world.”

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