Toronto-based investment management firm Mackenzie Investments announced today the launch of two new sustainability-focused mutual funds, the Mackenzie Greenchip Global Balanced Fund and Mackenzie Global Sustainable Bond Fund.

The launch marks the continued expansion of Mackenzie’s ESG investing offerings, following the December 2020 acquisition of energy transition and climate change-focused Canadian environmental investment firm Greenchip Financial. With the addition of the new balanced and fixed income funds, the investment manager grows its suite of sustainable solutions to six products.

According to Mackenzie, the new Mackenzie Greenchip Global Balanced Fund is Canada’s first green balanced fund for retail investors.  The equity side of the fund is run by Greenchip, and will invest in mid- and large-cap companies that are focused on developing products or services that are directly supporting various environmental sectors. The fixed income side is managed by the Mackenzie Fixed Income Team, and will invest primarily in labelled green bonds and other debt instruments that are used to finance environmental and sustainable solutions.

The Mackenzie Global Sustainable Bond Fund aims to provide moderate capital growth by investing primarily in fixed income securities of issuers across all geographies. It is managed by the Mackenzie Fixed Income Team and follows an approach that leverages both labeled ESG bonds coupled with best-in-class ESG issuers to maximize impact and deliver long-term risk adjusted returns. According to Mackenzie, the fund is one of just a handful of sustainable fixed income products currently available in Canada. 

Fate Saghir, SVP & Head of Sustainable Investing, Mackenzie Investments, said:

“More and more Canadians are looking for investment solutions that aim to deliver both performance and societal and environmental benefits. We’re committed to addressing this growing demand. The Funds we’re introducing today are designed to meet the sustainable investment needs of Canadian investors and advisors, while providing long-term risk adjusted returns.”

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