Energy services and infrastructure company VINCI Energies announced today the completion of a €15 million investment in integrated hydrogen mobility platform and hydrogen taxi fleet operator, Hype.

Launched 2015, France-based Hype is developing a hydrogen mobility platform that integrates supply, production, distribution and uses. The company currently operates the world’s largest fleet of hydrogen-powered taxis, and plans to deploy its platform in 15 new regions in France and around the world by 2025.

Along with the investment, the companies announced a new strategic partnership to accelerate the deployment of hydrogen mobility infrastructure. As part of the agreement, VINCI will work as Hype’s exclusive partner for the construction of new hydrogen production and distribution infrastructure in the Greater Paris area, with plans for 26 refuelling stations with locally produced hydrogen to open in the next three years.

Additionally, the companies said that they will work together to deploy stations in other regions in France and abroad.

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