Leading European asset manager Amundi announced today that it will transition six of its existing fixed income vanilla ETFs into equivalent ESG exposures. All of the transitioned exposures will be classified under Article 8 of SFDR, marking an expansion of the firm’s ESG ETF range.

The ETFs include products offering both investment grade and high yield corporate exposures in addition to aggregate exposures and some flagship strategies such as floating rate notes (FRNs).

Fannie Wurtz, Head of ETF, Indexing and Smart Beta business line at Amundi, said:

ESG is at the center of all of our client conversations and at the core of our product development strategy. Today, every new product is systematically considered through an ESG lens and we also continually assess the interest in transitioning to ESG exposures in line with investors’ expectations.”

The affected ETFs include AMUNDI EURO CORPORATES UCITS ETF, which will now aim to track the Bloomberg Barclays MSCI Euro Corporate ESG Sustainability SRI index; AMUNDI FLOATING RATE EURO CORPORATE 1-3 UCITS ETF, aiming to track the iBoxx MSCI ESG EUR FRN Investment Grade Corporates index; AMUNDI FLOATING RATE USD CORPORATE UCITS ETF, tracking the iBoxx MSCI ESG USD FRN Investment Grade Corporates TCA index; AMUNDI EURO CORPORATE FINANCIALS IBOXX UCITS ETF, tracking the iBoxx MSCI ESG EUR Financials TCA index; AMUNDI EURO HIGH YIELD LIQUID BOND IBOXX UCITS ETF, tracking the iBoxx MSCI ESG EUR High Yield Corporates TCA index, and; AMUNDI BBB EURO CORPORATE INVESTMENT GRADE UCITS ETF, tracking the iBoxx MSCI ESG EUR Corporates BBB TCA index.

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