Anheuser-Busch InBev’s beer brand Corona announced today that it has achieved a global net zero plastic footprint, becoming the first global beverage brand to remove more plastic from the environment than it releases.

Felipe Ambra, Global Vice President of Marketing, Corona, said:

“As a brand born at the beach and deeply connected with nature, Corona has a responsibility to do all it can to be an ally to our environment and our oceans. Becoming the first global beverage brand with a net zero plastic footprint is the latest in Corona’s broader ambition to help protect the world’s oceans and beaches from plastic pollution.”

Corona’s plastic waste mitigation and reduction efforts include product redesigns, such as moving to plastic ring-free cand on 100% of Corona export volume by the end of the year, and the launch of the Corona Plastic-Free Challenge looking for entrepreneurs to help the company find new ideas or technologies that can reduce or eliminate more plastic from the supply chain. Corona also made a major investment in Mexico Recicla, a recycling facility in Mexico. Additionally, Corona has conducted over 1,400 clean-ups, engaging over 68,000 volunteers, and collecting plastic waste from more than 44 million square meters of beach.

Along with today’s announcement, and marking World Oceans Week, Corona released “Plastic Reality,” an augmented reality tool aimed at enabling users to assess their personal plastic footprint, along with tips to reduce it.

Ambra said:

“Seeing your full years’ worth of plastic in your living room is truly eye-opening, and hopefully will inspire people to reduce their personal plastic use and their impact on the environment.”

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