Pan-European exchange Euronext announced that it has licensed its recently created CAC 40 ESG index to asset manager Amundi, for the creation of an ETF.

The CAC 40 ESG index was launched by Euronext in March 2021, aiming to identify and track the performance of the 40 best-in-class ESG companies within the CAC Large 60 Index. The index combines measurement of economic performance with ESG impacts, in line with the French SRI label, and also utilizes negative screening filters in accordance with the UN Global Compact Principles. Index composition is powered by ESG assessments provided by V.E, an affiliate of Moody’s.

Stéphane Boujnah, CEO and Chairman of the Managing Board of Euronext N.V., said:

“We are honoured to grant Amundi today this CAC40 ESG license. This is for Euronext an important step to accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy, following the launch of the CAC 40 ESG. The forthcoming Amundi ETF on this index will allow investors to finance sustainable projects and companies, in line with the UN Global Compact Principles and the SRI label for sustainable and responsible investment. As a leading index provider in Europe, we are delighted to contribute, together with all markets participants, to the construction of a sustainable financial ecosystem.”

Fannie Wurtz, Head of Distribution & Wealth Division & Head of ETF, Indexing & Smart Beta at Amundi added:

“We strongly believe that ETFs and index management have a key role to play in the democratisation of the access to responsible investing and the support of a transition to a more sustainable world. We warmly welcome Euronext’s initiative and the launch of the CAC 40 ESG index and we are delighted to be able to provide investors with access to this index though an ETF in the coming weeks.”

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