Global professional services firm Accenture announced today the launch of the myNav Green Cloud Advisor, aiming to enable enterprises to help reach their sustainability goals through the operation of the most sustainable and efficient cloud environment and technology infrastructure.

Cloud migrations can contribute significantly to organizations’ efforts to operate more sustainably, particularly if planned and executed appropriately. Recent research from Accenture indicated that shifting from on-premise data centers to the public cloud can reduce an enterprise’s energy usage by 65% and cut carbon emissions by more than 84%, with potential benefits including power, cooling and hardware efficiency, compute utilization, sustainable software engineering, and carbon-free energy usage, among others.

Launched in 2019, Accenture’s myNav platform helps organizations design and simulate different cloud solutions to identify the ones that best fit their specific business requirements. The myNav Green Cloud Advisor establishes a baseline of existing data center energy consumption, computing requirements and sustainability goals, and then uses proprietary algorithms to quantify the “greenness” of potential cloud solution options, based on a range of information, such as the cloud service providers’ carbon emissions goals, locations, energy sources, and readiness to transition to clean energy.

The launch of Green Cloud Advisor marks the latest in a series of ESG-focused technology solutions and initiatives from Accenture. Last month, the firm partnered with software companies Microsoft, GitHub and Thoughtworks to launch The Green Software Foundation, aiming to reduce the environmental footprint of software and help the industry address climate change. Accenture has also recently announced collaborations with SAP to create solutions enabling companies to accelerate the decarbonizing of their supply chains, and with Salesforce, on data solutions to deliver visibility into companies’ historical and real-time ESG data to C-suite users.

Along with today’s launch, Accenture also announced that it is teaming with an applied research team at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) to establish a carbon emissions score and certification for green cloud solutions, and is working with CMU on a new cloud training program to upskill its Cloud First professionals in order to meet the needs of leading organizations in a balance of cloud innovation and green computing practices.

Kishore Durg, Lead, Accenture Cloud First Global Services, said:

“Every company now needs to deliver 360-degree value to master change at speed and scale for our communities and planet, not just for our shareholders and employees. As companies accelerate cloud adoption, myNav Green Cloud Advisor can help them simultaneously address one of their most pressing challenges, which is to reduce emissions, reduce waste with greener IT practices.”

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