HVAC and climate control solutions company Trane Technologies and green construction technology company Nexii Building Solutions announced today a new collaboration, combining their skills and expertise to create sustainable, high performance commercial buildings with significantly reduced carbon footprints.

Buildings are a significant contributor to GHG emissions, accounting for around 15% of global emissions, and one of the hardest sourced to replace, given their long-term nature. In 2019, Trane introduced the Gigaton Challenge, aiming to reduce one billion metric tons of carbon emissions from its customers’ footprint by 2030. Earlier this year, the company announced a commitment to cut its product emissions in half by 2030.

Nexii designs and manufactures high-performance buildings and green building products that are sustainable, cost-efficient and resilient in the face of climate change. The company uses its proprietary material, Nexiite, which minimizes embodied carbon, construction waste, and energy use, and the Nexii design and assembly process, enabling the rapid assembly of high‑quality buildings, with near-zero construction waste onsite.

Gregor Robertson, Executive Vice President, Strategy and Partnerships for Nexii, said:

“Our collaboration with Trane is another outstanding step in supporting our mission to innovate and reduce climate impacts of buildings and construction. Bringing together our breakthrough, airtight building solutions with Trane’s highly-efficient HVAC systems means our clients can commit to even greater energy savings and more significant sustainability commitments.”

Under the new collaboration, Trane will be the exclusive North America HVAC supplier for sustainable buildings constructed by Nexii, including retail stores and restaurants. Trane stated that its leading connected heating, cooling and indoor air quality portfolio will enable these buildings to reduce energy use and improve their indoor environment.

Paul Camuti, Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer for Trane Technologies, said:

“By combining our climate and comfort solutions with Nexii’s unique construction approach, we can help our customers drastically reduce their carbon footprint and meet their business goals, while doing the right thing for the planet.”

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