Social media giant Facebook announced today a new commitment to replenish more water than it consumes – becoming “Water Positive” – by 2030.

The company’s new sustainability goal complements its water stewardship strategy focused on sourcing water responsibly, driving water efficiency across its facilities and operations, and investing in critical water restoration projects in high-water stress watersheds where it operates.

In a blog post announcing the new commitment, Sylvia Lee, Sustainability Strategy Manager at Facebook, said:

“It can’t be overstated how vital water is to the world. Yet communities all over the globe are increasingly finding their water resources being put at risk because of climate change, extreme weather events, pollution, and other threats.”

The company outlined several of the water restoration projects that it has participated in, which primarily target conservation and ecosystem restoration, water supply and reliability, water access, sanitation and hygiene, and water quality. Beyond volumetric-focused projects, Facebook is also investing in capacity-building projects that might have a catalytic effect in watersheds around the world, supporting local environmental nonprofits, governance, research, and other non-volume-generating activities.

In its own operations, several of Facebook’s global offices utilize on-site recycled water systems, and its data centers are among the most water-efficient in the world. According to Facebook, the company’s use of renewable energy has also had a positive effect on its water stewardship efforts, resulting in savings of 1.4 billion cubic meters of water last year.

Lee added:

“Facebook is taking a rigorous approach to water restoration and helps others do the same — not just for our own operations, but also for the health of the communities we serve and the ecosystems around us.”

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