Integrated retail electricity and power generation company Vistra Corp. announced today the completion of a 100 MW expansion of the Vistra Moss Landing Energy Storage Facility. At 400MW/1.6GWh capacity, the facility is now the world’s largest lithium-ion battery energy storage project.

According to Curt Morgan, Chief Executive Officer at Vistra, the expanded facility brings a much-needed solution to California’s increasingly renewable power reliant energy grid, particularly as the summer heat drives demand for electricity in the state.

Morgan said:

“The state’s laudable immense buildout of intermittent renewable power has both lowered emissions and presented a reliability challenge. California produces an excess amount of renewable power during the day while the sun is up, but often struggles to meet demand as the sun goes down. Our Moss Landing battery system helps to fill that reliability gap, storing the excess daytime power so it doesn’t go to waste and then releasing it to the grid when it’s needed most.”

Morgan noted that the site has space to support even further expansion of up to 1,500 MW/6,000 MWh.

LG Energy Solution provided the batteries for the facility using its latest innovative Transportable Rack.

Youngjoon Shin, LG Energy Solution’s SVP of ESS Business, said:

“As more intermittent resources integrate into power grids, the role of battery energy storage in supplying energy and ensuring grid reliability becomes even more important. On this note, Vistra’s effort towards transitioning to emission-free energy is vital, and LG Energy Solution hopes to make the transition a reality through advanced lithium-ion battery technology.”

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