Professional services firm PwC Australia announced today the formation of an ESG Advisory Group, a group of external ESG experts assembled to help the firm in advising clients on achieving ESG goals, while guiding the firm on its own ESG activities.

The inaugural members named to the group are Greg Bourne, Judy Slatyer and Fiona Reynolds. Bourne brings decades of experience in energy and sustainability, having served as Chair of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, as CEO of WWF Australia, Regional President for BP Australia, and as a special advisor to UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on energy and transport. Slatyer was CEO of Australian Red Cross from 2016 to 2020, after serving as Chief Operating Officer for WWF and as CEO of Lonely Planet. Reynolds recently announced her decision to step down as CEO of Principles for Responsible Investment, a position she has held since 2013, after overseeing the initiatives growth from 1,000 signatories to nearly 4,000 signatories, representing more than $110 trillion in AUM. Reynolds will return to Australia to take on the position of CEO of Conexus Financial.

Reynolds said:

ESG is an inevitable agenda that is only growing in momentum, and businesses of all shapes and sizes can either reap the rewards of being ahead of the curve, or rue a failure to act. This critical role will not only help PwC Australia play a leading role in the ESG revolution, but will also help drive the changes that will benefit people and the planet.”

According to PwC Australia, the group will work with the firm on how to best advise clients to achieve their ESG goals, while also working directly with clients on ESG strategies. The advisory group will also work to ensure that PwC Australia’s own ESG activities meet high standards, providing an “outside in” perspective for the firm in helping shape its positive impact.

The firm anticipates adding more members to the ESG Advisory Group over time.

PwC Australia Chief Operating Officer and ESG Executive Liza Maimone said:

“We’ve put together an experienced team of internal and external experts who will ensure we are best placed to make a positive impact on the ESG revolution, both through our own actions, and through helping our clients deliver great impact, by challenging us and pushing us to think differently and do better.

 “Our ESG Advisory Group members are individuals who have made, and continue to make, important contributions and impact across environmental, social and governance agendas for the prosperity of people and the planet.”

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