This week in ESG news: Unilever asks suppliers to get on board on climate action; UK’s inaugural sovereign green bond draws big investor demand; Salesforce launches updated Sustainability Cloud carbon tracking platform; SBTi says most company climate commitments are not science-based; JPMorgan avoids 2M tons of emissions through green bond investments; U.S. Bank rolls out full service ESG finance practice; $10 trillion investor coalition launches engagement initiative for companies to address physical climate risk; Marriott commits to net zero emissions goal; major investors support proposed EU sustainability reporting rules, and more.

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Sustainability Goals, Initiatives and Achievements

Unilever Asks Suppliers to Slash Emissions in Half by 2030

Tesco Commits to Achieve Net Zero Across Supply Chain, Addressing 90% of Company Emissions

Marriott Commits to Net Zero Goal, Signs on to Business Ambition for 1.5°C

Consumer & Beauty Brands Collaborate on Environmental Impact Scoring System for Cosmetics

ServiceNow Pulls Ahead Net Zero Goals by 20 Years, Intensifies Focus on Value Chain Emissions

Moody’s Ramps Climate Goals, Committing to Net Zero by 2040

Salesforce, P&G Among 86 New Companies Joining Climate Pledge to Reach Net Zero by 2040

Government & Regulators

UK Completes Largest Ever Inaugural Sovereign Green Bond Offering

China Pledges to Stop Building Coal Plants Abroad, as Domestic Coal Capacity Accelerates

Reporting and Disclosure

Amundi, Morgan Stanley Among Major Investors Supporting EU Sustainability Reporting proposals

ESG Services and Tools

Salesforce Launches Updated Sustainability Cloud Integrating Newly Acquired Slack, as Company Achieves Net Zero

ENGIE Launches Carbon Intelligence Platform to Track and Manage Decarbonization Strategies

Financial Data & Services Providers Pledge to Align Products to Enable Capital Mobilization for Net Zero Economy

Arabesque Launches AI-Powered Active Asset Management Platform Enabling Tailored ESG Strategies

Apex Group Launches Service to Measure and Report Carbon Emissions for Private Companies and Funds

ESG Investing

Guest Post: Getting Real About ESG: What Asset Managers and Investors Need to Know

Investor Group Outlines Expectations for Companies to Identify, Manage and Report Physical Climate Risks

Sustainable Finance

U.S. Bank Launches Full Service ESG Practice, Grows Sustainable Finance Team

JPMorgan Invests $1 Billion Green Bond Proceeds in Renewable Energy, Avoiding Nearly 2M Tons of CO2

Energy Transition

DuPont Advances Progress on Climate Goals with 135 MW Deal with NextEra

Lightsource bp Ramps Solar Ambition to 25 GW by 2025

Reports, Studies & Surveys

SBTi Says 80% of Company Climate Commitments are not Science-Based

Accenture/WEF Report: Sustainable Management Practices Drive Significant Profitability Advantage

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