Fintech company Broadridge announced today the launch of the Broadridge ESG Performance Dashboard, a new tool aimed at enabling companies to track, understand and improve their ESG ratings and rankings.

The company described the new dashboard as similar to an ESG-style credit report, as it provides companies with actionable insights by providing companies with information on who is rating them, comparisons of those ratings with peers and the broader industry, and identification of areas of improvement.

The dashboard provides a single, streamlined consensus view of their ESG ratings and rankings based upon hundreds of sources, allowing companies to pinpoint where they can improve across a variety of areas encompassing environmental, community, employee, and governance issues.

Broadridge provides a composite score on a complimentary basis, with more in depth offerings available that can provide exporting up to five years of history and tracking trends across sub-categories for offline analysis and reporting.

Dorothy Flynn President of Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions, said:

“The Broadridge ESG Dashboard enables companies to reduce the noise and concentrate on the key issues and data to better understand where they stand and how to better focus their efforts. With asset managers increasingly focused on ESG-issues, companies need an easy tool that allows them to see through the clutter.”

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