Thermo King, the transport and refrigeration unit of HVAC and climate control solutions company Trane Technologies, announced today that it will transition its truck and trailer products to come standard with a lower global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant.

According to Trane, the transition is a first in its industry, and will enable its customers to avoid 650,000 metric tons of CO2e annually, or nearly 50% of the carbon footprint of their fleets’ refrigerants.

The new announcement is the latest in a series of emissions reduction-focused moves for the company, following the introduction in November of a zero direct carbon emissions trailer refrigeration system, and Trane’s announcement in August 2021 that Thermo king will invest more than $100 million to deliver a fully electric product in every segment of the cold chain by 2023. Trane has pledged to reduce customer greenhouse gas emissions by 1 billion metric tons by 2030, and in March 2021, the company announced a commitment to cut product carbon emissions in half by 2030.

Karin De Bondt, President, Thermo King Americas, said:

“Our company’s entire strategy is centered on sustainability, and we are committed to delivering innovative solutions to customers that create value for their operations and are better for the planet. The enhancements to our trailer and truck units are important to decarbonizing the refrigerated fleets that deliver life-sustaining cargo, including foods and medicines, to people around the world.”

Trane stated that the next generation of Thermo King’s Precedent trailer portfolio will transition to the lower-GWP refrigerant this month, and truck products will come standard with the new refrigerant mid-2022.

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