Enterprise cloud solutions provider Eka Software Solutions announced today a new partnership with tech giant Microsoft to offer a suite of sustainability data and reporting solutions.

Eka Software Solutions is focused on providing cloud solutions that unify a range of workflows, from procurement to payments. Its platform-driven solutions for commodity and supply chain management, source-to-pay, treasury, and sustainability support customers accelerate their digital journey in an environment of continuous change. 

The solutions, aimed at helping businesses to track, measure, and report on factors including carbon usage, supplier relationships, governance, workforce management, and circular economy, will run on Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform.

Manav Garg, CEO and Founder of Eka, said: 

ESG and Sustainability reporting is subject to a lot of attention but little clarity, and businesses continue to struggle with multiple reporting standards and frameworks. The strong, trusted relationship between Microsoft and Eka is at the heart of this exciting collaboration, and we are committed to providing enterprises the support they need with their ESG and sustainability disclosures, empowering them to address opportunities that will benefit the world today and generations to come.”

The collaboration will allow businesses to report against industry standards including GRI, SDG, SASB, CDP, TCFD, SECR, GRESB, and BRSR. Eka stated that with its configurable platform-driven solution, businesses can also easily build more frameworks as their requirements and regulations continue to evolve.

Ahmed Mazhari, President, Microsoft Asia, said:

“At Microsoft, we believe sustainability is critical to meet the economic, societal and environmental needs of today and the years to come. In the current landscape of multiple reporting frameworks, proactive solutions like Eka’s will support our customers’ sustainability journey. We are pleased that Eka is using the power of Microsoft Azure for its cloud solutions to enable leaders of global enterprises to progress their business strategies and reach their sustainability goals faster.”

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