Leading enterprise application software company SAP and management and technology consultancy BearingPoint announced today a new partnership to deliver carbon and environmental footprint solutions, enabling companies to assess and reduce emissions across the value chain.

According to the companies, the collaboration aims to advance the design and development of solutions to address challenges such as data acquisition, consolidation and mapping facing companies as they look to assess and reduce emissions.

Gunther Rothermel, SVP, Head of SAP S/4HANA Sustainability, SAP, said:

“The co-development partnership between SAP and BearingPoint will bring together two strong value propositions. BearingPoint has long experience helping customers identify carbon reduction potentials and achieve sustainability targets. SAP contributes innovation capabilities, broad system landscape and reach to customers. Together as partners we will push the limits to move the economy forward on the path to zero emissions.”

The collaboration follows the introduction last month by SAP of SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises, which bring together the companies portfolio of solutions aimed at enabling businesses to holistically manage sustainability performance. One of SAP’s key solutions is SAP Product Footprint Management, launched last year, designed to enable companies to assess the carbon footprint of products across the value chain, and encompassing the entire product lifecycle.

Peter Maier, President, Industries and Customer Advisory, SAP, said:

“The partnership with BearingPoint accelerates the SAP Product Footprint Management solution road map and will help make us a market leader in product footprint solutions that support our customers in maximizing the sustainability of their products and services.”

The new partnership comes as companies globally are committing to address their carbon emissions footprints, yet many assessment efforts currently focus primarily on businesses’ direct emissions (Scope 1) or those arising from purchased energy use (Scope 2). Value chain decarbonization is emerging as a major focus for sustainability initiatives at companies globally, as efforts to address the climate impact of business increasingly shift to reducing emissions outside of companies’ direct control, or Scope 3, such as those originating in the supply chain or from use of products and services, which often constitute the majority of company emissions.

Donald Wachs, Head of IP Assets, BearingPoint, said:

“Together with SAP, we will co-develop utilizing our IP asset and provide a unique solution in the market to measure and optimize the climate impact of products across the entire lifecycle. SAP Product Footprint Management has sophisticated capabilities to determine the carbon footprint of a single product. Our 10-years-plus proven industry experience in calculating and optimizing product and corporate CO2 footprints will enable our joint customers to meet their decarbonization targets. We at BearingPoint believe that together with SAP’s innovative solutions, depth in commercial processes and market expertise we can make a positive impact on the climate.”

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