Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Citroen parent Stellantis announced today the launch of its new strategic plan, Dare Forward 2030, which envisions a major ramp in the electrification of the company’s vehicle fleet, and includes a range of sustainability goals such as achieving carbon net zero by 2038.

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares said:

“Dare Forward 2030 inspires us to become so much more than we’ve ever been. We are expanding our vision, breaking the limits and embracing a new mindset, one that seeks to transform all facets of mobility for the betterment of our families, communities and the societies in which we operate.”

One of the key pillars of the new strategic plan is a significant transformation of the company’s vehicle offerings to electric vehicles. Stellantis announced a goal to reach 5 million annual battery electric vehicle (BEV) sales by 2030, with a 100% BEV sales mix in Europe, and 50% in the U.S. The company aims to offer more than 75 BEVs, and unveiled the Jeep brand’s first 100% battery-electric SUV, launching in early 2023. Stellantis also increased its EV battery capacity goal to 400 GWh in 2030, up from 260 GWh, including 150 GWh in the U.S. and 250 GWh in Europe.

The company’s new sustainability goals include cutting its carbon footprint by 50% by 2030, on a 2021 basis, including 75% reductions in absolute scope 1 and 2 emissions, and a 50% scope 3 intensity emissions reduction, and plans to reach net zero by 2038. The company also identified a €2 billion circular economy revenue opportunity, encompassing parts repair, parts re-use, vehicle reconditioning, battery refurbishing and recycling.

Stellantis’ diversity goals include having 35% of leadership positions held by women by 2035, and aligning 100% of HR processes with the company’s D&I policy from this year.

Tavares added:

“Powered by our diversity, Stellantis leads the way the world moves by delivering innovative, clean, safe, and affordable mobility solutions.”

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