Starbucks announced the launch of a program using only reusable cups in all beverages at its SODO 8 Starbucks café located in its Seattle office.

The new test program follows the launch last year by Starbucks of the Borrow-a-Cup initiative at several Seattle-area test stores. The program enables customers to order a beverage in a reusable cup and pay a $1 deposit. Customers can then scan and return the cup at a participating store’s return kiosk, and scan their Starbucks App to receive a $1 credit to their Starbucks Rewards account. The returned cup is then professionally cleaned and sanitized and returned to circulation within 48 hours.

Borrow-a-Cup will now be a permanent feature at SODO 8, the Starbucks café located in the Starbucks Seattle office, enabling customers to participate in the program or bring their own cup.

Starbucks stated that the SODO 8 program is only a test, but will learn about customer habits and opinions, such as how quickly cups are returned, and whether customers enjoy drinking from the cup, among others. Borrow-a-Cup is still in its early stages and is currently being tested in a few Starbucks locations around the world.

Starbucks stated that its new test program forms part of its commitment to reducing single-use cup waste. In 2020, the company announced a series of sustainability targets, including the goal to become resource positive, and a target for a 50% reduction in waste sent to landfill from stores and manufacturing by 2030.

In a blog post announcing the new program Starbucks, stated:

“SODO 8’s unique location in the Starbucks Seattle office is a great way for us to live our values and for us to get rapid feedback so that we can make changes to improve the program. The Borrow-a-Cup program helps reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill while maintaining the Starbucks Experience that our customers expect. By 2030, we anticipate reducing our landfill waste by 50%.”

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