Modular data center developer and operator ECL announced today it has raised $7 million in seed funding, with proceeds aimed at supporting the delivery of its first built-to-suit, modular data center with fully-renewable 1MW power and zero emissions.

ECL, founded by data center veterans from companies including Facebook, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Cisco, HPE and Bloom Energy, aims to develop fully green data centers using disruptive engineering, design and emerging technologies, including power management and cooling innovations, and using off-grid power sources. The company’s data center design consumes no local resources, including power or water, and operates with zero emissions at extremely low noise levels.

The company said that its new data center will be the world’s first fully green, off-grid data center, using green hydrogen as its primary power source.

Yuval Bachar, Founder and CEO of ECL, said:

“The innovations we are announcing today set a new bar for flexibility and sustainability in the global data center industry. Never before has hydrogen been harnessed for use as the primary power source for the data center and that, combined with the unmatched efficiency of our cooling system and our emissions-free operations, is unique in the world today.”

The seed financing round was led by Molex Ventures and Hyperwise Ventures.

Nathan Shuchami, Managing Partner at Hyperwise Ventures, said:

“We are proud to be a part of this much-needed revolution in the data center industry, and look forward to working closely with Yuval and his team as they bring this peerless innovation to market. ECL has a long lead on the competition in the delivery of a data center powered primarily by green hydrogen and we can’t wait to stand with them as they raise the curtain in Q2 2023.”

Lily Yeung, VP of Molex Ventures, added:

“It’s exciting to see ECL investing to bring tremendously relevant and novel experience into this high growth space around customizable modular data centers that can support the growing demand for advanced and flexible computational needs and sustainable power use.”

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