Supply chain visibility platform provider FourKites announced today the launch of Sustainability Hub, a suite of sustainability tracking and analytics tools enabling emissions tracking, benchmarking, and scenario modeling, aimed at helping customers meet their sustainability goals.

The release forms part of the company’s new Net Zero initiative, aimed at helping businesses reduce supply chain emissions and meet organizational targets.

The new toolset is being launched as companies’ climate action initiatives increasingly turn to addressing emissions in the supply chain, which often accounts for the majority of businesses’ climate impact, but are also typically the most difficult to assess, measure and track.

Key features of Sustainability Hub include tools and capabilities enabling customers to input their sustainability goals and track saved emissions, benchmark progress against industry averages, and pinpoint opportunities for optimization. The platform will also include a dashboard for users to track progress. Along with analytics and scenario modeling tools to provide new insights on reducing emissions.

Mathew Elenjickal, FourKites Founder and CEO, said:

“Sustainability is a core tenet of our philosophy at FourKites, and we are hyper-focused on enabling our Fortune 1000 customers to embed sustainability throughout every level of their supply chain. I am incredibly proud of our team for driving the sustainability agenda for the industry and helping our customers make a meaningful impact on the environment.”

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