Moody’s ESG Solutions announced today the launch of Moody’s ESG360, a new platform aimed at providing portfolio managers with climate and ESG data and insights on public and private companies in order to analyze portfolios, screen target companies, manage and mitigate risk, conduct ESG research and meet reporting requirements.

The new platform is launching with access to Moody’s physical and transition climate risk data sets for 10,000 large companies globally, including information on company exposure to specific physical risk hazards, carbon footprint, temperature alignment, brown share and green share data, and data on controversies. Moody’s stated that it plans to expand the platform over the coming months with ESG insights and coverage of millions of public and private companies through a combination of modelled and ESG analyst-verified scores.

Key features of Moody’s ESG360 include the ability to search entities across the Moody’s ESG universe, upload portfolios for screening and analysis at the portfolio and entity level, identification of ESG leaders and laggards across themes, sectors, and regions, perform real-time analysis of company metrics, scores and controversies, and export data and charts for reporting. The platform also provides clear labeling of data points allowing users to trace data to its source and understand relevance to industry standards.

Moody’s also announced the launch of Moody’s ESG360 Connect, a new corporate engagement platform, enabling companies to connect with Moody’s regarding their sustainability disclosures and to ensure accurate representation of their ESG data.

Andrea Blackman, Managing Director – Global Head of Moody’s ESG Solutions, said:

“To understand the short- and long-term impact of ESG and climate exposures, market participants need a holistic and reliable view of risks and opportunities. The launch of Moody’s ESG360 demonstrates our commitment to providing comprehensive coverage to help portfolio managers make sustainable decisions with confidence. Coverage is much more than just a number; it’s a commitment to providing granular and clearly defined data, scores, and assessments – all delivered through platforms that meet customer needs.”

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