Real estate and infrastructure investment-focused ESG data provider GRESB announced the launch of the GRESB Transition Risk Report and GRESB TCFD Alignment Report, two new products aimed at enabling asset managers to address climate-related risk and reporting challenges.

The GRESB Transition Risk Report allows asset managers to analyze which of their portfolio assets are most exposed to climate-related transition risk, such as policy and regulatory risks, technological risks, market risks, reputational risks, and legal risks. The solution enables users to analyze overall risk exposure, determine where transition risk in a given portfolio is concentrated, and prioritize asset-level decarbonization efforts. The report provides asset-level, regional and global insights, leveraging GRESB’s real data from 117,000 assets, and using GRESB’s Asset Estimation Model for any assets not covered.

Sebastien Roussotte, CEO of GRESB said:

“Today, 25 percent of global real estate is already facing transition risk. As this number rises each year and portfolios are placed under increasing pressure to decarbonize, it’s vital that asset managers have the tools and insights necessary to navigate these risks and to take appropriate action.”

The GRESB TCFD Alignment Report aims to help asset managers meet Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations. The report enables users to identify TCFD gaps and determine areas for improved disclosure, compare TCFD alignment with a peer group, and learn how to align with TCFD disclosure expectations.

Roussotte said:

“The majority of organizations are not yet ready for TCFD and still need to translate strategies into risk management processes. Just by participating in GRESB Assessments, organizations have already taken the first steps towards TCFD disclosures. Without any additional reporting needing to be done, GRESB Members can see where they stand in relation to TCFD, helping them fulfill regulatory requirements at a very competitive price.”

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