Carbon accounting engine Normative announced today the launch of a free Carbon Legislation Tracker to help companies stay compliant with carbon legislation in the EU, UK, and the U.S.

According to Normative, the new solution is being launched as companies, consumers and investors have shown growing interest in carbon footprint management, and as legislation is becoming stricter with more responsibility placed on businesses to account for their emissions.

Kristian Rönn, CEO and co-founder of Normative, said:

“Staying up to date with the changing legislative environment can be tricky. That is why we developed the tracker, to make carbon accounting accessible and easy for all businesses”

The new tracker will showcase the regulations that businesses are required to follow, based on information about their businesses, such as region, industry, and size.

The new tracker covers current and upcoming legislation, including the EU’s CSRD, the UK’s TCFD and SECR, as well as the SEC’s recent proposal, that require companies to disclose Scope 1, 2, and often Scope 3 emissions. The solution will be continuously updated to deliver a real-time snapshot of the legislative environment.

Rönn, added:

“Many businesses want to do well but lack the resources or knowledge to do so, and this can result in involuntary greenwashing. At Normative we want to help enterprises and their value chains to do the right thing with accurate and truthful carbon emission accounting.”

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