Energy efficiency, energy transition, and decarbonization solutions provider CLEAResult announced today the launch of CLEAResult ATLAS Carbon, a new solution to help businesses measure their carbon footprint, and to simplify the process of entering, monitoring, and reporting emissions data.

The new solution enables businesses to use criteria including location, department, facility, and source of emissions to view their greenhouse gas (GHG) measurements and trends through a personalized dashboard and provides custom reports compliant with industry standards. The tool also syncs with other accounting software, allowing data to be updated automatically.

 Rob Beckwith, VP of Carbon Consulting Business Development, said:

“This system was created in response to the expressed needs of our clients. Accurately measuring their carbon footprint gives them a reliable and reportable baseline that’s essential to any type of carbon reduction plan.”

The launch of the new solution comes as companies begin planning their compliance needs with the SEC’s recently proposed climate disclosure rules.  The reports provided by the new solution can be customized for compliance with the proposed SEC rules and the GHG Protocol.

Divakar Jandhyala, CLEAResult’s Chief Product and Technology Officer, said:

“Our new product provides accurate, up-to-date and easily accessible information about an organization’s greenhouse gas emissions. This data is increasingly valuable for businesses looking to make sustainable decisions, regardless of future changes to reporting requirements.”

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