Global financial institution Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking (Natixis CIB) and Natixis Wealth Management announced today the launch of Opportunité Juin 2022, a new green debt product providing clients with the capability to support the environmental transition through the financing of renewable energy projects.

Funds invested in the new product will be used to finance or refinance phovoltaic parks or hydraulic station projects, wind turbines and the development of biomass, meeting eligibility and traceability criteria.

Opportunité Juin 2022 also features a charitable dimension as Natixis has donated 0.2% of the total securities invested to biomedical research center the lnstitut Pasteur.

 Mohamed Kallala, Co-Head of Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking, said:

“We are particularly proud to have designed this innovative structured product – Opportunité Juin 2022 – for Natixis Wealth Management’s clients, addressing the challenges raised by the environmental transition and incorporating a charitable dimension.”

The new structured product is eligible for life insurance policies, endowment contracts and securities accounts, offering an alternative investment to traditional dynamic equity products. Opportunité Juin 2022 is indexed to the performance of the French equity market through the CAC Large 60 Equal Weight Excess Return. The new product was marketed by Natixis Wealth Management in May and June.

Audrey Koenig, CEO of Natixis Wealth Management, said:

“The successful marketing of Opportunité Juin 2022 with our clients reflects their increasing interest in responsible investment, which offers greater meaning and aligns with their personal convictions.”

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