Sustainability-focused investment manager Mirova announced today that it will provide retail investors with access to its private equity impact fund, the Mirova Environment Acceleration Capital fund.

Mirova launched the pan-European private equity fund in September 2021, aiming to invest in companies providing sustainable innovative solutions and technologies contributing to the environmental transition. The fund targets five main themes, including smart cities, natural resources, agri-agro technologies, circular economy and clean energy, investing in companies that directly address at least one of the targeted SDGs, with proven business models and mature innovative solutions and technologies.

Investments to date include Ombrea, a start-up specializing in the management and protection of crops against climatic hazards, and Vestack, a designer and builder of biobased modular buildings.

Until now, the fund has only been available to institutional clients. The fund now qualifies as a European Long-Term Investment Fund (ELTIF), which makes it accessible to a larger number set of investors.

Marc Romano, Head of Impact Private Equity at Mirova, said:

“By opening our fund to private clients, we aim to participate in the accelerated democratization of private equity.”

With a minimum investment of €100,000 with a lock-in period of 10–12 years, Mirova stated that the fund provides “an opportunity for retail investors who seek to optimize their returns over the long term and invest in the real economy with a positive impact on the environment.”

Gad Amar, Head of Western Europe Distribution, at Mirova parent Natixis Investment Managers, said:

“We are delighted to offer our private clients Mirova’s private equity impact expertise, providing them access to a source of diversification and potential long-term returns, while allowing them to make their investments meaningful through an environmental impact strategy.”

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