Clean energy transition-focused non-profit group Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) announced the appointment of Jon Creyts as its new CEO, effective November 1.

Founded in 1982, RMI focuses on the decarbonization of energy systems, through rapid, market-based change, to align with a 1.5°C future. The organization works with businesses, policymakers, communities and other to activate the market catalysts such as new technologies and business model innovations, finance and capital flows, big data and capacity building, in order to drive rapid, systemic change and economy-wide transformation.

One of RMI’s initiatives, launched in 2020, is the Center for Climate-Aligned Finance, which works across industries to shape sectoral climate alignment initiatives for high-emitting industries and contributes to the development of global solutions, practices, and frameworks, aligning financial decision-making with the decarbonization of the real economy.

Outgoing RMI CEO Jules Kortenhorst, said:

“This is the fight of our lives and leading this incredible institution is hard work. I am absolutely convinced that Jon’s sincere care, his wickedly brilliant brain, his analytical capabilities, and his deep experience in this space — together with his passion for this mission — will make him an incredible leader.”

Creyts joined RMI in 2012, and has been serving as Chief Program and Strategy Officer, overseeing working to decarbonize buildings, electricity, heavy industry, and mobility both domestically and around the world through market-driven and business-led solutions. During his tenure at RMI, he founded the organization’s China office, launched climate tech incubator Third Derivative, and spearheaded the shift in RMI’s focus towards solving the climate crisis. Prior to joining RMI, Cryts worked at McKinsey & Company as a Prnicipal, serving clients on strategic issues related to performance, sustainability, growth, and organizational health focused primarily in the energy, industrial, and technology sectors.

Creyts said:

“To solve a problem as complex as climate change, we need to find new ways of working collaboratively and globally between governments, corporations, communities, and NGO partners. The only way to successfully respond to this challenge is together. I’m excited to help shape and champion RMI’s role in providing the inspiration, the insights, and the practical solutions to meet this urgent moment together in the way we must.”

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