Business and financial markets information service provider Bloomberg announced today the launch of a series of indices covering sustainable finance instruments including green, social and sustainability bonds.

The new Bloomberg Global Aggregate Green, Social, Sustainability Bond Indices, are being introduced following years of rapid growth in the market for sustainable finance instruments, which are estimated to have reached $1 trillion in issuance volumes last year, representing a record 15% of global total bond issuance.

Jonathan Gardiner, Sustainable Indices Product Manager, Bloomberg Indices, said,

“We endeavor to capture both short and long-term market trends with our sustainable index offerings and sustainable debt is swiftly growing, with global sustainable debt issuance surpassing $1 trillion year to date, according to data compiled by BloombergNEF.”

The new series is comprised of 24 new indices, and include eligible instruments ranging across corporates, sovereign, supranational and agency bonds, municipals and structured products. The indices are also being introduced with datasets from Bloomberg’s ESG data team, enabling Bloomberg Terminal users to access underlying bond documentation such as use of proceeds allocation to the eligible project categories, and SDG alignment. Bloomberg has also released a “Sustainable Index Eligibility Indicator,” allowing analysis of securities included in the index, as well as those facing potential exclusion.

Gardiner added:

“Building off Bloomberg’s flagship Global Aggregate index, our new Global Aggregate Green, Social & Sustainability Bond Indices incorporate the research of Bloomberg’s ESG and fixed income data teams to deliver a diverse set of indices to meet the varied needs of the investment community exploring this growing market.”

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