Impact-focused investment firm LeapFrog announced today the launch of a new Climate Investment Strategy aimed at supporting companies and technologies that enable the mitigation of and adaptation to climate change in lower-income demographics.

The company stated that the new strategy will focus on companies providing green products, technologies and services that are cost-competitive in emerging markets, including solutions such as pay-as-you-go rooftop solar, distributed energy systems, 2-wheeler electric vehicles and smart farming practices.

LeapFrog said that it plans to work with developed and developing country entrepreneurs to expand access to these green technologies to improve living standards and protecting the environment.

Dr. Andy Kuper, Founder and CEO of LeapFrog, said: 

“Navigating a just transition – where economic inclusion and carbon emissions reduction go hand in hand – is a significant challenge for governments, NGOs, and investors over the coming decades. It is a particular focus of this year’s COP 27. Too little emphasis has been placed on the demand side – on meeting emerging customers’ needs and making the transition to clean technologies also a transition to a better standard of living for all.”

LeapFrog also announced the appointment of has appointed Nakul Zaveri as Partner and co-lead of the new strategy. Zaveri joins LeapFrog from sustainability-focused growth private equity platform Relativity Investment Management, where he served as Managing Partner.

Zaveri said:

“I am excited to be joining LeapFrog to support the growth of its climate investment strategy. I believe developing markets are transitioning rapidly towards business models that not only address the risks and opportunities from climate change, but also provide innovative and digitally enabled solutions to assist emerging consumers with climate adaptation.”

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