Volvo Trucks announced today that it has begun shipping electric trucks containing fossil-free steel to customers, becoming the first truck manufacturer in the world to do so.

Steelmaking is one of the biggest emitters of CO2 globally, with total greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from the sector accounting for 7% – 9% of direct emissions from the global use of fossil fuels.

The fossil-free steel used in the trucks is being supplied by Swedish steel manufacturer SSAB and is made by using a new technology with fossil-free electricity and hydrogen. Volvo and SSAB launched a collaboration last year, aimed at producing vehicles built with fossil-free steel. SSAB announced the first delivery of fossil-free steel to Volvo in August 2021.

Jessica Sandström, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Volvo Trucks, said:

 “Our journey to net zero emissions includes both making our vehicles fossil free in operation and over time fully replacing the material in our trucks with fossil-free and recycled alternatives.”

In 2020, Volvo unveiled its heavy duty electric truck lineup, and in September this year, the company became the first to achieve series production of heavy-duty electric, 44 tonne trucks. The company said that some of the electric trucks will utilize the fossil-free steel.

The steel is first being used in truck frame rails, and will be introduced into other parts of the truck as availability increases.

Amazon, who announced an agreement last month with Volvo for 20 heavy-duty electric trucks, will be among the customers to have trucks containing fossil-free steel, as well as transport and logistics company DFDS, and Unilever, through transport partner Simon Loos.

Andreas Marschner, Vice President Transportation Services Europe at Amazon, said:

“At Amazon, we are on the way to make all of our operations net-zero carbon by 2040. We need partners like Volvo to make this transition happen.”

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