For-hire mobility providers Uber and Lyft will be required to have zero emissions fleets in New York City by 2030, according to an announcement by NYC Mayor Eric Adams.

Unveiled in his 2023 “State of the City Address,” Adams said that the city will work with the companies on the initiative to transform the more than 100,000 vehicle fleet, without adding financial burdens to drivers.

Adams said:

“That’s zero emissions for over 100,000 vehicles on our city streets. And it will be achieved with no new costs for individual drivers. We’re pleased that both companies are embracing this shift, and we look forward to working with them to get it done.”

Uber and Lyft have each made their own commitments in recent years to shift their fleets to electric and zero emissions vehicles. In 2020, Uber launched a goal to become a zero emissions mobility platform by 2040, with a target to have 100% of rides in electric vehicles in US, Canadian, and European cities by 2030. Lyft has also committed to shift its entire fleet to electric vehicles by 2030, and recently launched a series of initiatives to help enable drivers switch to EVs, including fast charging discounts and discounted rates on home charging equipment.

In addition to the commitment to shift for-hire fleets to zero emissions, Adams said in his address that the city will expand its sustainability agenda this year, with plans to launch a new “climate budgeting process.”

Adams said:

“Going forward, the first question we will ask about new programs and investments is, “Will this help meet our climate goals?”

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