Business sustainability ratings provider EcoVadis announced today the launch of Carbon Heatmap, a new emissions risk mapping tool aimed at enabling companies to identify and address carbon hotspots in their supply chains.

The new solution comes as businesses have increasingly turned the focus of their sustainability efforts to encompass their supply chains, and as emerging regulatory and disclosure regimes require businesses to report and address Scope 3 value chain emissions. According to EcoVadis, however, a lack of supply chain visibility is a key obstacle to accelerating emissions reductions goals at many companies.

Combining a repository of GHG emissions data based on over 14,000 reporting organizations across the world and public databases, alongside an organization’s specific spend and criticality data, the new solution provides a comprehensive carbon emissions risk calculation across a company’s value chain, and identifies “hot spots” for GHG performance improvements and emissions reduction strategies.

Key features include the ability to profile suppliers by spend and criticality data, a carbon emissions risk calculation score for each supplier, mapping of carbon emissions risk by factors including country, industry, and emissions source, and customized recommendations for each supplier.

Julia Salant, General Solutions Manager, Carbon at EcoVadis, said:

“Carbon Heatmap is a game-changer to help organizations work towards their sustainability goals. Companies can now take a more strategic and data-driven approach to make the most significant impact in reducing emissions and driving supply chain decarbonization.”

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