Global professional services firm KPMG announced today the launch of Circularity Tracker, a new tool aimed at supporting organizations’ shift from a linear to a circular economy through automated data collection and processing, and performance analysis and monitoring.

The new tool is part of a series of ESG-focused solutions by KPMG built on Microsoft’s sustainability-focused platform, Cloud for Sustainability. Microsoft unveiled the platform in 2021, focused on enabling enable companies to record, report, reduce and replace their emissions through Software as a Service (SaaS) tools, and integrated the tool last year with Sustainability Manager, a new solution unifying data intelligence, and offering organizations an increasingly automated view into the environmental impact of their entire operations and value chain.

According to KPMG, the new Circularity Tracker solution will help organizations to measure, enhance and monitor circularity performance over time at the product, location and material levels, as well as enabling comparisons across products and providing insights on ways to reduce resource use and waste generation. The solution helps automate data collection from diverse sources, and performs model-based data calculations using standards, regulatory reporting metrics, and accepted circularity performance measurement frameworks.

The launch comes as KPMG builds out its suite of digital tools, as well as its ESG-focused solution offerings, and as it expands its alliance with Microsoft. In 2019, KPMG signed a 5-year agreement with Microsoft, as part of the professional services firm’s $5 billion digital strategy to modernize its workplace using cloud-based tools and expand its digital offerings for clients. In 2021, KPMG launched a multi-year program aimed at accelerating global solutions for ESG issues, and to support clients in their own sustainability efforts, including plans to invest over $1.5 billion in its initiatives to further embed ESG in the organization and client solutions.

John McCalla-Leacy, Head of Global ESG at KPMG, said:

“At the heart of KPMG’s global alliance with Microsoft is a shared desire and passion to help businesses do the right thing and deliver on their commitments to be more sustainable. My view is that we’re entering a new stage in the corporate world where boardrooms are taking ESG seriously and want to implement solutions that can reduce environmental impact, while increasing social equity and transparency. Often the biggest barrier to achieving that is a lack of understanding about how to gather genuinely insightful data and how to use that information to deliver positive change.”

Shelly Blackburn, Vice President, Cross Solutions at Microsoft, added:

“We are pleased to work with KPMG to deliver innovative Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability solutions that help customers unify their data intelligence and gain insights about their overall carbon footprint. KPMG Circularity Tracker can enable customers to develop and execute robust strategies to achieve their ESG goals.”

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