Real estate sustainability data solutions provider Deepki announced today the acquisition of embedded carbon measurement startup Nooco.

Paris-based Nooco was launched in 2020 by French energy services and infrastructure company VINCI Energies. The company provides Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions focused on measuring and optimizing the carbon footprint of building construction and renovation projects. The company’s solution assimilates carbon impact data covering more than 3,000 types of technical equipment and materials, enabling users to compare their respective impact, and to calculate the carbon footprint of projects.

According to Nooco founder Guillaume Jarlot, the acquisition will enable the company to further develop its platform, and to expand to other European markets in 2024.

Guillaume added:

“Our sole objective: to support the industry’s organic transition by equipping decision-makers and end-users with the means to autonomously tackle the CO₂ challenges they face in their construction and renovation projects.”

Founded in 2014, Deepki provides a platform enabling real estate players to collect energy, water and waste consumption data, and use data intelligence to improve assets’ environmental performance, support net zero efforts and measure results. The company raised €150 million in 2022, with proceeds enabling strategic acquisitions, including of providers of complimentary technologies.

According to Deepki, the acquisition of Nooco will expand its offerings to cover the entire life-cycle of buildings, adding a construction and renovation-focused solution to its own tools that focus on the use-phase of buildings.

Vincent Bryant and Emmanuel Blanchet, co-founders of Deepki, said:

“Nooco is a highly advanced technology company that has become a true benchmark in the construction and renovation industry. Its offer is complementary to ours, and will enable us to expand our expertise to include the measurement of scope 3 emissions within the real estate industry – which is responsible for 36% of energy consumption and 37% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.”

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