Climate tech startup Revalue Nature announced today that it has raised $10 million, with proceeds aimed at helping the company scale its business providing tools and services for carbon project developers.

Founded in 2022, London-based Revalue Nature provides end-to-end solutions to nature-based carbon project developers, from initial assessment and financing to issuance of credits, including monitoring of projects using the company’s special intelligence satellite data platform TERRA, and machine learning-based Earth observation data.

According to the Revalue Nature, the capital raised will enable the company to grow partnerships and a pipeline of next-generation projects, and to expand the capabilities of its climate tech tools and platform.

Stuart Rowland, founder and CEO of Revalue Nature, said:

“Revalue exists to deliver a fundamental step-change in integrity at scale. This drives us every day. This growth financing accelerates our journey to supercharge the world’s leading nature-based developers, reset the bar for quality in the carbon market, and protect and regenerate nature at a scale that makes our eyes water.”

The Series A financing round was led by climate and impact-focused venture capital firms Ecosystem Integrity Fund (EIF) and SJF Ventures.

Alan Kelley, a Managing Director at SJF Ventures, said:

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Revalue Nature in its journey to address climate change at scale. We have been impressed by the firm’s commitment to strong analytical rigor, exceptional project integrity, and enduring organizational partnerships. These values are deeply embedded in the company.”