DHL Group’s contract logistics division DHL Supply Chain announced today the launch of a new global Green Transport Policy, aimed at setting a global sustainability standard for its transport fleet and substantially reducing emissions, and including a has commitment to invest an additional €200 million (USD$217 million) in investment in fossil fuel alternatives over the next three years.

The release of the new policy follows the launch in 2021 by DHL of its Sustainability Roadmap, which included plans to invest €7 billion over ten years in measures to reduce its CO2 emissions, with a focus on the expansion of the zero-emission e-vehicle fleet, alternative aviation fuels, and climate-neutral buildings.

According to DHL Supply Chain CEO Oscar de Bok, under the company’s plans, 30% of the unit’s fleet will run on sustainable fuels by 2026. In addition to the €200 million investment, the new policy will also see an initial move to transition around 2,000 of its vehicles from conventional combustion engines to alternatives including hydrotreated vegetable oil, biogas, electric or hydrogen.

DHL said that the new investments will reduce close to 300,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions, equivalent to offsetting the CO2 emissions produced by 2,200 trucks, each driving a daily distance of 500 kilometers, over the course of one year.

The Green Transport Policy provides guidance on the most suitable greener alternative based on factors such as availability, infrastructure, and cost per market, the company said. At the outset, this new policy will target its investments in 17 countries with the highest emissions footprint, accounting for 94% of the emissions from DHL Supply Chain’s own fleet within the transportation sector.

Bok said:

“Our ambitious target is to have a 30% share of sustainable drives and fuels across our own fleet by the end of 2026, taking advantage of the potential of eco-friendly fuel alternatives through our pioneering Green Transport Policy. In doing so, we are not only setting a new industry standard but also underscoring our unwavering commitment to future generations.”