Capital markets technology and exchange company Nasdaq announced today the launch of Nasdaq Sustainable Lens, a new AI-powered SaaS platform aimed at helping companies and investors to navigate and utilize ESG data from across thousands of companies.

According to Nasdaq, the new platform provides users access to more than 9,000 companies’ documents, enabling them to summarize sustainability-related disclosures and credibly answer stakeholder questions, as well as to benchmark disclosures against new reporting standards and other companies, working as an AI-powered ESG assistant, in place of manual research.

Key features of the new platform include the ability to deliver answers to questions through chat and summarization, monitor ESG trends across peers and sectors, use a natural language search tool to navigate thousands of sustainability reports and financial filings, benchmark disclosures against peers, back up sustainability claims, and assess alignment of ESG reporting with regulations and frameworks.

Along with the release, Nasdaq outlined research conducted leveraging the new platform to analyze sustainability disclosures from 7,200 companies, with findings including insights that only 44% of the companies currently provide climate-related disclosures aligned with CSRD, ISSB and the proposed SEC climate rule, while 75% are providing CSRD and ISSB-aligned human capital disclosures.

In a blog post announcing the new platform, Michael Stiller, New Initiatives, Capital Access Platforms at Nasdaq, said:

“Two powerful trends are colliding. The sustainability and ESG landscapes are evolving simultaneously as AI technology advancements provide teams with newfound productivity gains.

“As Nasdaq strives to meet customer demands, we maintain our overarching goal to leverage technology as an enabler – to power economic progress, help humans work smarter and uncover new proprietary data and insights.”