South Korean automobile manufacturer Kia announced today the launch of its corporate vision to become a “Sustainable Mobility Solutions Provider”, unveiling a series of new sustainability commitments, including a target to achieve carbon neutrality throughout its value chain by 2045, along with plans to shift to renewable energy use at all manufacturing sites and electrify its fleet over the coming years.

To reach carbon neutrality, Kia aims to reduce 97% of the company’s 2019 level of carbon emissions by 2045, offsetting the remaining emissions. The new pledge is based on three key pillars, including Sustainable Mobility, Sustainable Planet, and Sustainable Energy, which will guide the company in its efforts to reduce carbon emissions from the supply, logistics, vehicle production, and vehicle, and disposal of waste.

Kia’s energy goals include reaching 100% renewable energy use at the company’s overseas manufacturing by 2030 at overseas sites and by 2040 at its domestic sites. Other targets include the establishment of solar energy generating systems in Korea, China, the U.S., and India. In addition, Kia expects all vehicles used at its business sites to be EVs by 2030 and is planning to use hydrogen fuel cell power generation technology as an energy source at its worksites.

The company’s plans for sustainable mobility include the anticipated launch of 11 EV models by 2026, and the full electrification of its product lineup in Europe by 2035, other major markets by 2040, and ultimately all global markets by 2045. The company is also planning to introduce a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle lineup starting in 2028.

For Sustainable Planet, Kia has unveiled initiatives to recycle marine plastic waste, to have 20% of all vehicles’ plastic parts to be made from recycled plastics by 2030, and to run pilot projects for the commercial reuse of EV batteries by collaborating with energy partners.

Hosung Song, President, and CEO of Kia, said:

“For us, it is not only about setting goals and reaching targets. It is about setting a vision that will inspire others to join the movement to benefit humanity and protect the environment. In line with our vision of becoming a sustainable mobility solutions provider, we commit to achieving carbon neutrality by 2045.”

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