Finance, and HR-focused enterprise cloud applications provider Workday announced today the launch of new ESG solutions aimed at enabling companies to plan, track and report on workforce and supplier-related risk and sustainability information.

The company also announced the availability of a new solution built by Deloitte using Workday’s adaptive planning software platform, that enables organizations to manage their emissions reduction strategies.

Pete Schlampp, chief strategy officer, Workday, said:

“As we look to create a more sustainable future, Workday is committed to being a proactive partner, driving continued innovation to help customers advance their ESG initiatives. We’re not only meeting customers where they are today, but, through our own investments and openness, we’re extending the value we bring to customers through our ecosystem to help them get to where they need to be in the future.”

Workday’s new social reporting for ESG solution aims to enable users to track progress against goals and identify areas for improvement. The solution provides a dashboard consolidating information around workforce composition, organizational health, diversity, and workforce investment from Workday HCM, the company’s human resource management software application.

The supplier risk and sustainability solution enables the collection of key ESG and risk data from suppliers, identification of areas for improvement, and reporting on Scope 3 emissions from suppliers, such as transportation, distribution, and capital goods, allowing customers to source and track data for consideration in supplier selection and to improve the sustainability and resilience of their supply chains.

Accelerate2zero, the new platform available from Deloitte, enables companies to manage their emissions reduction strategies, and understand the impact of business strategy on emissions. The solution allows users to undertake cost benefit analyses of emission abatement options and dynamic emissions budget management, with modelling and reporting of Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.

Jennifer Steinmann, global climate & sustainability marketplace leader, Deloitte, said:

“Deloitte built Accelerate2zero to help clients navigate the road to carbon neutrality with scenario planning and model pathways. Clients’ demand for customized solutions created an opportunity to innovate on the Workday platform. The collaborative functionality in Workday Adaptive Planning meant Deloitte was able to link climate-reduction strategies to financials and provide clients with a more complete picture of their carbon emissions progress and forecasts.”

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