ETF provider and asset manager WisdomTree announced today the launch of the WisdomTree Energy Transition Metals ETC (WENT) and WisdomTree Battery Metals ETC (WATT), a pair of thematic metal ETPs, providing exposure to commodities benefiting from the energy transition.

WisdomTree Energy Transition Metals tracks the WisdomTree Energy Transition Metals Commodity Index TR, providing access to key metals involved in the energy transition megatrend, including EVs, transmission, charging, energy storage, solar, wind and hydrogen power production. The index is currently comprised of copper, nickel, aluminum, silver, zinc tin, platinum, and gold.

WisdomTree Battery Metals tracks the performance of the WisdomTree Battery Metals Commodity Index TR, offering exposure to the key metals involved in the battery theme, including EVs, charging, and energy storage. The index is comprised of nickel, aluminum, copper, and zinc.

Alexis Marinof, Head of Europe, WisdomTree, said:

 “As the focus on climate change mitigation increases and the energy transition accelerates, specific metals are required to power any decarbonisation efforts. We are now able to deliver a range of ETPs focused on energy transition and battery themes and are applying our successful expert-driven thematic equities approach to new commodities indices, a revolutionary move and a first for the commodities space.”

According to WisdomTree, the company expanded its partnership with energy transition research and consulting firm Wood Mackenzie to develop the index strategies with the holdings and weightings of the two baskets designed to capture the demand and growth of metals involved in energy transition technologies under the 2-degree scenario.

Nitesh Shah, Head of Commodities & Macroeconomic Research, Europe, WisdomTree, said:

“While it is clear that certain commodities are needed to progress the energy transition, it is less clear whether sufficient production of those commodities will take place. Increased demand and supply constraints could propel many commodities for years to come.”

The ETPs are listed on the London Stock Exchange, Borsa Italiana and Börse Xetra.

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