Logistics giant Deutsche Post DHL Group announced today the launch of its GoGreen Plus service for its international courier division DHL Express, enabling customers to address Scope 3 emissions from shipping through the use of sustainable aviation fuel.

DHL’s GoGreen service provides shippers with the option of climate-neutral shipping through investments in internationally recognized climate protection projects to offset emissions generated during transport. GoGreen Plus aims to provide real emissions reductions through carbon “insetting,” enabling shippers to replace conventional fossil fuels with sustainable fuels or clean technologies, such as SAF.

The new service will initially launch in the UK, and will become available to all DHL Express customers globally over the coming months. Under the new program, customers will be able to tailor the emissions reductions that they want to achieve, as well as the amount of SAF that they use.

Scaling the use of sustainable aviation fuels forms a significant part of DHL’s Sustainability Roadmap. Launched in 2021, the roadmap includes a series of decarbonization and environmental sustainability commitments encompassing the introduction of more ambitious climate targets and linking executive compensation to ESG goals. DHL’s targets include using at least 30% of SAF blending for all air transport by 2030.

DHL Express announced last year that it had entered two of the largest-ever sustainable aviation fuel deals, sourcing more than 800 million liters of SAF from suppliers bp and Neste over the next five years. The SAF supplied by bp and Neste are produced from waste oils, and can provide lifecycle greenhouse gas emission reductions of up to 80% compared with conventional jet fuel.

John Pearson, CEO DHL Express, said:

“We know our customers are committed to reducing their environmental impact so it’s important we’re giving them the means to do so. I’m delighted that our investment in SAF can now be fully leveraged by customers to enable them to bring down the emissions of their shipments. SAF is currently the primary route to reducing carbon emissions in aviation, so this is the most effective way to help our customers make their own supply chains more sustainable.”

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